Propel Talent Consultancy Ltd." Is a business Consultancy company registered & incorporated in Kenya the year 2020 as a private Limited company. Our objective is to nature, mentor & train personnel in their respective capability to be a valuable and reliable workforce.

Our team consists of highly skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, diversified, competent and experienced consulting professionals who provide a hassle-free solution to complex, time consuming and -sometimes- political issues affecting your organization's processes.

We believe in creating productive and fruitful relationships with our clients by providing them with solutions, advice and guidance that are uniquely designed and shaped around your exact requirements and objectives. They will fit with your culture and the business challenges that you currently face.


Nurturing potential in personnel, Training & empowering to equip Corporates with suitable qualified workforce & financial advisory.


Developing a self motivated workforce.


Equipped & empowered society with sustainable socio-economic activities.

Core Values


We shall always endeavor to be transparent, answerable and liable at all times.


we provide guidance, advice, and solutions to our clients in  order to solve their organizational problems

Team Building

We work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to provide quality results to our clients.


We thrive on creativity and ingenuity. We seek the innovations and ideas that can bring a positive change to our clients.