The current Kenyan job market has made it harder for candidates to get a job. A job seeker faces many challenges that result in them not landing a job. Challenges such as applying for the wrong jobs and failing an interview because they could not answer a question are common.

In today’s competitive job market what strategies can you utilize and stand out as the best applicant for the position?

How do you get noticed?

Use Your Connections

95% of recruiters confirm that majority of applicants who fail to get shortlisted come from job sites or sending direct applications. What does this mean? How you use your network is really important. LinkedIn is a network that, if used well, will increase the chances of getting you an interview.

Most importantly tell your connections what you do. If you are in IT, let them know you are a web and app developer not just in the IT industry.

When it comes to social connections, besides having an award-worthy profile, showcase yourself as a thought leader in your field. Comment on industry news and events and give your two cents on matters regarding your expertise. Be consistent and people will start to notice.

Craft a compelling CV

Does your CV have facts and figures that quantify your experience or is it just another wordy article? You need to show the recruiter how you exceeded your goals at work with numbers. This will set you apart from other candidates.

Does your CV showcase the skills needed to solve the organization’s problems and concerns? To do this, make a connection between the company goals and show how your past experience and skills are transferrable to achieve these goals.

Most candidates use the same CV to apply for 10 different jobs then complain that companies are biased when it comes to hiring.

Your First Impression Matters

How you carry yourself in an interview matters. From the moment you walk into the reception till the moment you leave the office, you are being watched and judged. Speak to the receptionist in a respectful manner, dress well, and make eye contact with the interviewer while smiling.

To conclude

Open roles will always be available, but will you get that role? Finding the job you want and dream of requires extra effort on your side.

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